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The leading brand of Nanning East Cycles Co., Ltd - FarEast Cycles (FEC) was founded since 2007, FEC is devoted to the development of cycles culture and pondering as a user for all purpose, we have redesigned each one of traditional parts and added more creative ideas. Just hope everyone, no matter you are a cycle amateur, player or even a professional one, will be deserving a very great cycle and its parts which fit you perfectly. In the long-term support for development of cycles culture, FEC has established friendship with the international top BMX professional cyclist - Jean William Previst who is from Canada, and he is one of our  sponsors as well. Beyoud that, FEC owns other native sponsors too. Like Mr. Jiajian Wu - runner-up of China International Extreme Sports Cycling Competition, professional cyclist).

南宁伊斯特自行车有限公司旗下主打品牌FarEast Cycles(简称FEC),自2007年成立以来,FEC一直站在为自行车文化发展为主的角度,以使用者的角度思考,对每个传统零件进行重新设计,加入更多新兴思维,只希望每个人,无论是自行车爱好者、玩家、亦或是职业车手,都能使用上适合自己的自行车及配件。

在支持自行车文化发展的路上,FEC与加拿大国际顶级BMX职业车手Jean William Prevost(简·威廉)建立了友好关系,并成为了FEC的赞助车手之一。除了Jean William Prevost之外,在国内,FEC的赞助车手还有吴家剑(2013中国国际极限运动单车大师赛亚军,职业车手)。


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